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Deserti Tascabili DJ Complex


Deserts de poche – DJ Complex, is a project located in the southern of Tunisia into an area that is a door between the sea and the desert.
The project Deserts de poche – DJ Complex consists of two independent buildings: the DJ House #1 and the DJ Center #2. The program is composed by a private house with temporary residencies for artists and by a center of arts. Around the buildings there is a garden that fits into the landscape of this part of the island quite eliminating the idea of limits and boundaries.
The garden inside this landscape is characterized by the view of the sea, the yellow desert sand and Mediterranean essences and trees such as palms and olive trees
The project is based on the reinterpretation of the site and of its architecture which is characterized by white stereometric volumes echoing the sandy landscape of the desert and the clear blue sky that caractherizes this region. The DJ Complex was designed referring to the thickness of the walls and the juxtaposition of volumes and masses that are set into a landscape of sand bathed by a clear light.
The project rediscovers the local techniques of construction to define a contemporary architecture and to search for traditional solutions aiming at ensuring a natural cooling of the rooms. They should also allow to eliminate all the mechanical system for the environmental quality control.
The relationship between stereometric volumes and landscape reinterprets the values of the site, expresses its contemporary dimension and defines a set of “deserts de poche” as places of peace and retreat from the convulsive rhythms of modernity that rechoing the atmosphere described in the book “You must change your life” written by the philosopher Peter Sloterdijk.






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