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newlocandina2spnsor Marco Scarpinato | AutonomeForme is invited as tutor of the international workshop of architecture and design “Air Place Visioning”. The workshop is focussed on the design and reuse of the airport of Comiso with its a dismissed Base NATO. Today, only a small portion of the airport compound is utilised. Indeed, apart from the airport terminal and a small number of adjacent buildings, most of the built environment is abandoned and without a use. NATO erected two residential areas complete with all services. Indeed, the ‘town’ was complete with theatres, sports halls, churches, sports pitches, shops etc. all of which was connected via the internal road network and landscaped areas which are now abandoned. The international workshop “Air Place Visioning” take place in Comiso from 25 to 30 october and is organized by Comune di Comiso, SOACO and Ordine degli Architetti della Provincia di Ragusa.
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