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20-06-2017>> AutonomeForme is published on Now>Next

NowNext-AF-site Designed by AutonomeForme | Marco Scarpinato and Lucia Pierro with Fatma Sakka “Paysages Résilients : SaMoLab. Zone / Territoire /Paysages” is a masterplan for the enhancement of the Saline of Monastir. The proposal is based on the realization of a natural and anthropic park surrounding the salt pans with three new centrality that, respecting the quality of this extraordinary site, serve as an engine for socio-economic reactivation of the area: the Research Center for the protection and enhancement of biodiversity in the Mediterranean, the Complex of residences and services for researchers and the new Technical School of Biology. The project “Paysages Résilients : SaMoLab. Zone / Territoire /Paysages” is published on the new book Now>Next (Editors: Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi, Gian Maria Casadei, Federica Marchetti and Maria Michela Pani | Publisher LetteraVentidue).
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