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The self Fab house is a self-built house, a dynamic device able to build a living space automatically.
The Rising House recoups mechanical aspects which have been excluded from the digital developmentthat has colonised the contemporary imagination.  The mechanical device separates what it is from what it becomes, what is taken from history and what belongs to the present. The retrieval of the mechanical form should have an important impact on sustainability as repairs can be made enabling a long life at a low cost.

The Rising House combines advanced technology of energy supply and simple construction using the mechanism of a folded pantograph for the industrial lifting plates. Through the movement of the pantograph the space is configured into one or two levels using the energy stored in the photovoltaic panels.
The idea of selfbuilding combines prefabrication with automatic construction, building the space without external help.

AutoConstruction / Self Fab
The ideal sites for the location of the Rising House are places with restricted access, both from an energy point of view and the supply of materials.  The house can be also used in disaster zones (war, flooding, hurricanes, etc…) which are deprived of infrastructure in terms of energy and organisation.
The closed object is positioned on the chosen site. The energy necessary for its construction is absorbed through the photovoltaic panels.
The stored energy is used to activate the pantograph mechanism that enables the superimposed floors to position themselves at a fixed height.  The configuration of the floors is at one or two levels.
The skin spreads out (stretches) along the edges of the building enabling the customisation of the height and creating a different relationship with the exterior. In this way the exterior image is characterised by the variations in the folding mechanism.


Location World
Date 2006
Design team Marco Scarpinato,  Lucia Pierro, Carmelo Vitrano
Client IaaC Barcelona
Surface 100 sm













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